Saturday, December 5, 2009

Writing Method.

So I'm sitting here in my room thinking. Thinking about my own writing process. It's really weird cause there isn't any real magic or art to it. But I'm thinking about how one idea or person can move a person so greatly and continue to inspire them for so long. You sit there thinking how the well will eventually dry up, then once you think it's finally done, you sit there. You sit there for months and months waiting for something, but having completely forgot about your past muse when suddenly, that person turns on a certain switch in your mind. What's even weirder is how sometimes a person inspires you to write when you don't even know them that well. You become so intrigued by her after just a few conversations. Casual conversations at that. Anywayz, I dont know. Just felt like sharing my thoughts.

Have a good night, aliens

Sorry about any spelling/grammatical errors. It's hard for me to focus at 5 am. sleepy brain.

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