Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Hi everyone,
This post isn't about other people's music. This one's about mine. I need a drummer for my backing band, The Wise Children. We're looking for someone aged 17-24, who lives in NYC. Male or female. Doesn't matter. Once you've joined, you can expect to have a great time playing crazy, energetic rock and roll music. You won't get a salary or anything, but you'll get an even cut of all profits from every show. If you think you're the gent or lady for the job, then dammit drop me an email! Spencerbreslinmusic@gmail.com
Talk to you soon! S

Saturday, December 5, 2009

My aimmmmmmm is truuuueeeeeeee

Allison, by Elvis Costello is my winter song. Listen and be amazed. If you like it, I'll write more about it in the future, cause there is a lot to write about this man and his music.

Spelled Alison wrong. FAIL.

Elvis Costello-Allison (1977)


I'm currently listening to this Motown box set that my mom bought for her iPod. I've never been like the ultimate Motown fan or anything, but as I listen to this music, it's bringing back all these fun memories from when I was seven years old. Back when I was working on my first film in Los Angeles, and how everyday in the car we'd listen to the oldies station out they have out there. 70% of what they played was Motown music. The funny thing is that I'm not so sentimental, but this just made me feel good. Just figured I'd share.

The Four Tops-Baby I Need Your Loving (1964)

Writing Method.

So I'm sitting here in my room thinking. Thinking about my own writing process. It's really weird cause there isn't any real magic or art to it. But I'm thinking about how one idea or person can move a person so greatly and continue to inspire them for so long. You sit there thinking how the well will eventually dry up, then once you think it's finally done, you sit there. You sit there for months and months waiting for something, but having completely forgot about your past muse when suddenly, that person turns on a certain switch in your mind. What's even weirder is how sometimes a person inspires you to write when you don't even know them that well. You become so intrigued by her after just a few conversations. Casual conversations at that. Anywayz, I dont know. Just felt like sharing my thoughts.

Have a good night, aliens

Sorry about any spelling/grammatical errors. It's hard for me to focus at 5 am. sleepy brain.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Cool song

Hey everyone,

Not gonna be a long post this time. Just want to share a great song with everyone. Listening to this brings me back to the Spring. My friend James introduced me to this band while we were recording my album.

Television-Elevation (Marquee Moon-1977)

First post.

Hey everyone,

This the inaugural post. Firstly, I'd like to thank the academy. No seriously. Hi guys. I'm writing this blog because I like music and other stuff and I like introducing people to good music and talking to people about music. There you have it. Let's get this thing started.

Tonight like most nights, I went out to get a coffee. I usually go around 12:30, every night, right after I feed my dogs their dinner. I love my little ritual. I walk to my favorite coffee shop in the West Village, and listen to music on my iPod. New York is a great city for just roaming around and listening to music, taking in the sights and smells. For tonight and the past few nights, I've listened to Bruce Springsteen's phenomenal 1978 album, "Darkness On The Edge of Town" during my nightly excursions. The whole record is brilliant, but I am really into the last three songs, "Streets of Fire," "Prove It All Night" and "Darkness On The Edge of Town."
I don't know what it is about his music that resonates with me, but there's something. A lot of people who I know, one friend in particular, believe his music is just for jocks and assholes, but that is a narrow minded view. His songs are the musical embodiment of youthful rebellion and swagger. It's got such a melodramatic attitude. It's got bursts of lust, rage, happiness sadness and raw energy. It sounds corny as fuck, I know, but when I listen to music like that, something changes in me. I like to think it's a change for the better.

Here's a little taste of his music.